Theory of the C-field


A new (2007) field is introduced as the fourth and final fundamental field in the universe, alongside the classical gravity, magnetic, and electric fields. The new C-field (not to be confused with Hoyle's field) is the missing link that explains the essence of cosmological dark matter (starting with the Big-Bang) and solves decades-old mysteries in particle physics and cosmology.

This book is loaded with equations and explanations that reduce many of the exploding complexities of physics to several basic symmetrical equations (GeneMan field equations). The result of these new equations is that significant predictions can be made. A must read for physicists who feel the field has been going in circles for the past 30 years.

Title: Theory of the C-field
Type: Physics
Author: E.E.Klingman
Chapters: 17
Pages: 300+
Index: yes
Bibliography: yes
Avail: 30 Jan 2007
Price: US $99.95
Binding: Paperback(~6"x9")
ISBN: 978-097917653-1
LCCN: 2006939658

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The GeneMan Theory

The recent Chandra photo incorporated into the cover of the book presents a visual representation of the C-field, as shown in blue.

Back Cover

Particle physics has been described as "three decades of the same old, same old." Now a theory explaining long-standing mysteries links gravity to particle physics and explains the latest cosmological data, such as dark matter, dark energy, inflation, and the preferred direction in the cosmic background.

Physics has seen a proliferation of special purpose fields such as Higgs, inflaton, color, dilaton, quintessence, ghosts, dark matter, dark energy, axion, and fields for every species of particle. Although new fields enter with every new problem, these fields have never been seen!

The C-field is a real field, on par with gravity, electric, and magnetic fields, which does away with these special purpose fields. Its effects have been detected since 1933 in both cosmology and nuclear physics. Unlike string theory, the C-field theory makes testable predictions.

Discover the C-field theory that:

  • Extends the symmetry of the basic laws of physics.
  • Explains the nature of dark matter, dark energy, and inflation.
  • Solves the galactic velocity problem known since 1933.
  • Couples to mass and gravity as strong curvature.
  • Provides magnetic-like phenomenon for quark confinement.
  • Derives the fine-structure constant and explains charge creation.
  • Provides one Universe in place of 10500 bubble universes.
  • Solves the 50 year old mystery of particle families.
  • Predicts that Higgs boson and superpartners will not be found.
  • Predicts quark matter behavior now appearing at RHIC.
  • Yields asymmetric wave function that was the genesis of QCD color.
  • Replaces Modified Newtonian Dynamics with fundamental theory.
  • Explains the genesis of String Theory, pre-Theory of Everything.

This book presents equations and material allowing early adopters to extend the theory into their own fields. The C-field theory is expected to trigger a flood of new discoveries, predictions, and patents.

Ed Klingman was NASA Experiment Scientist on the Skylab Harvard College X-ray Observatory experiment, the same group that 30 years later produced the cover of this book. Author of the university texts, Microprocessor Systems Design, Vol. I and II, and founder of several Silicon Valley companies, he holds over 20 technology patents.

Keywords: Gene Man Force Equation, Gene Man Field Equations, Gene Man Dual Equations, Theory of the C-field.

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